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We are one of the oldest international dating agencies in the United States. For over a decade we have assisted men from North America and Western Europe with meeting women from Russia and other former Soviet countries. Our network of dating sites was established in 2005 and has seen exponential growth since then. Our database counts tens of thousands of profiles of women mainly from Russia and the Ukraine and men from most parts of the world. To people who are looking for a partner abroad, either because they didnít find what they were looking for in their own country or because they want someone different in the first place, we offer a wide selection and a facility for communication. Maintaining a profile, searching the database and sending messages and smiles is completely free, so why not give it a try? As a member, youíll be able to use additional services such as interpreted phone calls, ordering flower and gift deliveries, and more. We care about our clients and want to keep them satisfied, which is why you can always have your money back if you arenít pleased with our services. You lose nothing; what you gain is a chance to meet a woman who (unlike an increasing number of Western women) hasnít forgotten what it means to be a woman and doesnít see anything wrong with letting a man be a man. Russian women are famed for their beauty, kind and outgoing character and appreciation of family values, which is what makes them so sought after in most of the world. One of them might be meant for you, so start looking! If you have any questions or problems, our staff will be always glad to help you out. We wish you a pleasant stay on Russian Lady Marriage!